Transformations in Translational Neuroscience


Neuroscience Research on Drug Abuse (R01). The goals of the research areas described in this Neuroscience of Drug Abuse FOA are to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying drug abuse and addiction, with special emphasis on changes that occur during chronic drug use, withdrawal and relapse. PA-13-338


NIMH Biobehavioral Research Awards for Innovative New Scientists (NIMH BRAINS) (R01). RFA-MH-18-200.  The NIMH BRAINS program will focus on the research priorities and gap areas identified in the NIMH Strategic Plan and the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) project.

NIH: Research Program Award RFA (R35)

The purpose of the NINDS Research Program Award (RPA) is to provide longer-term support and increased flexibility to Program Directors (PDs) /Principal Investigators (PIs) whose outstanding records of research achievement demonstrate their ability to make major contributions to neuroscience.  RPAs will support the overall research programs of NINDS-funded investigators for up to 8 years, at a level commensurate with a PD/PI’s recent NINDS support (Part 2, Section II) RFA-NS-17-020.

NIH: Targeted BRAIN Circuits Projects RFA (R01)

BRAIN Initiative: Targeted BRAIN Circuits Projects - TargetedBCP (R01). RFA-NS-17-014. This FOA solicits applications for research projects that use innovative, methodologically-integrated approaches to understand how circuit activity gives rise to mental experience and behavior. The goal is to support projects that can realize a meaningful outcome within 5 years. Applications should address circuit function in the context of specific neural systems such as sensation, perception, attention, reasoning, intention, decision-making, emotion, navigation, communication or homeostasis. 

NIH: Confirmatory Efficacy Clinical Trials of Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Mental Disorders RFA (R01)

RFA-MH-17-614. The purpose of this FOA is to support confirmatory efficacy testing of non-pharmacological therapeutic and preventive interventions for mental disorders in adults and children through an experimental therapeutics approach. Interventions to be studied include, but are not limited to behavioral, cognitive, interpersonal, and device-based (both invasive/surgically implanted as well as noninvasive/transcranial) approaches, or a combination thereof.

NIH: Pre to Post-doc F99/K00 transition award

NIH Blueprint Diversity Specialized Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Advancement in Neuroscience (D-SPAN) Award (F99/K00). RFA-NS-17-009 .

NJMS: Pharm/Phys/Neuro Seminar

Monday, February 27th,  12:00 PM-1:00 PM, MSB, B-610, NJMS, 185 South Orange Ave., Newark. "A Spider Toxin Implicates Nav Channels in Mechanical Pain"Frank Bosmans, PharmD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, MD.

RuCCS Colloquia

Tuesday, February 28th, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM, Psychology Bldg., Room 101, Busch campus, Piscataway. "Bayesian methods in cognitive modeling"Michael D. Lee PhD, UC-Irvine, CA.

NJMS: Cancer Center Invited Seminar Series

Wednesday, March 1st,  11:00 AM-12:00 PM, G-Level Conference Room, Cancer Center, 205 South Orange Ave., Newark. "CNS Radiation Late Effects and Neurodegeneration: Risks on the Ground and in Space". Michael O’Banion, MD, Ph.D., University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Veterans Administration Research Seminar Series

Wednesday, March 1st,  12:00 PM-1:00 PM, East Orange VA Medical Center, 3rd Floor Auditorium, 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange. "Neuroprotective transcription factor modulation and traumatic brain injury"Bruce Citron Ph.D., Bay Pines VA Medical Center, University of South Florida.

RWJMS: Neurology Grand Rounds

Wednesday, March 1st,  12:30 PM-1:30 PM, CAB 1302, 125 Paterson Street, New Brunswick. "The Brain’s Relay: Clinical Manifestation of Thalamic Lesions"Igor Rybinnik, MD, RWJMS.

RWJMS: Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Thursday, March 2nd, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM, D201, UBHC Building, 671 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway. "Meta-Analysis for evaluating behavioral and psychophysiological interventions- studies of anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, and general resilience". Paul Lehrer, PhD et al., RWJMS.

RU-Cell Biology & Neuroscience Seminar Series

Thursday, March 2nd,  3:00 PM-4:00 PM, Nelson Hall, Room B-228, Busch campus, Piscataway. "Hexokinase-II Links Insulin Resistance to Cell Cycle-Induced Senescence in Neurons".  Heiman Chow, PhD,  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The 2016-2017 BHI Plenary seminar series

New!! The schedule for the 2016-2017 BHI Plenary Seminar Series is available now. Check out the prominent neuroscientists BHI will be hosting this year.

BHI Plenary Seminar Series

Thursday, March 16, 12 PM - 1 PM, Proteomics Bldg., Room 120. Busch campus, Piscataway. "Genomic insights into human cortical development, lissencephaly and microcephaly"Arnold Kriegstein, MD, PhD, Professor, Director, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program, Department of Neurology, UCSF School of Medicine, CA.  Live webcast to Rutgers-NJMS (MSB, H-609b), Aidekman Room 202, CMBN, Newark, VA-East Orange, Rutgers-Camden. 

Rutgers-Princeton Computational Cognitive Neuropsychiatry meeting

Bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 10-11 AM. Meeting schedule available here

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