Postdoctoral Alliance Working Group (PAWG) 

The Postdoctoral Alliance Working Group (PAWG) is the latest addition to the BHI Working Group family, aligning its efforts with other FAWGs and the Executive Advisory Council to amplify trainee voices. Drs. Jaclyn Eisdorfer and Aysegul Gungor-Aydin serve as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, supported by faculty liaison Dr. Kasia Bieszczad.

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Dr. Jaclyn Eisdorfer  Chair of the PAWG

As a postdoctoral fellow in the Abraira Lab, Jac aims to continue her work within the spinal cord injury field, and use a combination of mouse genetics, deep computer vision, and biomechanics to begin teasing apart the neural subtypes that promote the greatest recovery after injury. 

Dr. Aysegul Gungor-Aydin Vice Chair of the PAWG

Dr. Aysegul Gungor Aydin is a postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Dr. Kasia Bieszczad (CLEF Lab), working on the epigenetic neural mechanisms in the adult auditory brain. Her research focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms of auditory memory for temporal features of sound across multiple levels; epi(genetic), molecular, neurophysiology, and behavior.

Next Steps

In the upcoming months, the PAWG plans to conduct a census for all BHI-affiliated trainees and curate a one-stop digital resource for job and funding opportunities, Rutgers mental health resources, on and off-campus activities, etc. Additionally, we intend to organize trainee-led seminars and activities to foster inter-campus collaboration and meaningful discussions.

Seeking volunteers

Our upcoming initiative includes a booth at Rutgers Day on April 27, 2024, representing BHI and recruiting new students. We are seeking volunteers to assist in disseminating information about BHI, engaging in neuroscience-related activities at the booth, and offering small prizes to attract attention. If you're interested in volunteering, please email