BHI Core Investigators

These are faculty recruited and directly supported by BHI.

Gary Aston-Jones, PhDGary Aston-Jones, PhD

Director, Brain Health Institute
Murray and Charlotte Strongwater Endowed Chair in Neuroscience and Brain Health
Gary Aston-Jones Lab
Research Programs

Robin DavisRobin L. Davis, PhD

Associate Director, Brain Health Institute


We currently have several ongoing recruitments- the Director of Rutgers Addiction Research Center, the Director of Rutgers Center for Autism Research, the Director of Center for Advanced Human Brain Imaging Research, the Klein Endowed Chair in Alzheimer's disease and Neurodegeneration, the Greg Brown Endowed Chair, an Associate Professor & an Assistant Professor in Motivational & Affective Neuroscience. All these new neuroscience faculty will join BHI as Core Investigators.