The Brain Health Institute is composed of Core Investigators and Regular Members conducting basic and clinical neuroscience-related research at Rutgers.

  1. Core Investigators are faculty recruited and directly supported by BHI.
  2. Regular Members are appointed via an application process and include Members (Faculty), Associate Members (Post-docs) and Assistant Members (Graduate students).

Become part of an exciting, new cross-campus neuroscience Initiative whose goal is to build a vibrant neuroscience community at Rutgers that will be nationally and internationally renowned.

Top 5 Reasons to join BHI include-

  1. Receive administrative and research support services to develop collaborative multi-PI neuroscience projects and training grant applications at Rutgers.
  2. Access to BHI Pilot grant funding opportunities
  3. Obtain graduate student and post-doc support via new training grants
  4. Receive regular email announcements of seminars, meetings, funding opportunities, and other events of interest to Rutgers neuroscientists
  5. Access to career development and continuing education resources

To join BHI today please contact – bhi@bhi.rutgers.edu

BHI members will be invited to participate in:

  • Multi-PI projects and grant applications
  • BHI-funded pilot grant applications
  • Neuroscience events and activities
  • Administrative and research advisory committees

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To be included in the BHI Directory- please contact bhi@bhi.rutgers.edu