Rutgers Neuroscience Faculty Expertise Directory

NameSchoolDepartmentE-mail AddressResearch AreasResource Sharing
A.M. BarrettRBHS-NJMSKessler Stroke rehabilitation; spatial neglect
Alan Visual cognition; surface-color perception
Alan LeslieRU-NBPsychology (SAS) design of the cognitive system early in development; autistic spectrum disorder.
Alex Y. perioperative brain protection, neuroinflammation, and clinical pharmacology
Alexander KusnecovRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Psychoneuroimmuonlogy; neuroinflammation
Alice Y-C LiuRU-NBCell Bio & Neuro-protection, HSF1 and stress response, SIRT1 knockdown and neural differentiation
Alison BernsteinRBHS-SOP/EOSHIPharmacology and Parkinson's diease, neurotoxicology, neuroepigenetics, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants, developmental toxicology
Alma MeriansRBHS-SHPRehabilitation and Movement Sciencesmerians@shp.rutgers.eduTechnology-assisted rehabilitation for neurological disorders, neuromuscular control of movement, robotics, virtual reality
Amjad IllyasRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscienceilyasaa@njms.rutgers.eduNeuroimmuonology, multiple sclerosis
Anand D. SarwateRU-NBElectrical and Computer Engineeringanand.sarwate@rutgers.eduInformation theory, machine learning, and signal processing, with applications to distributed systems, privacy and security, and biomedical research.
Andrew HarrisRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscienceaharris@njms.rutgers.eduBiophysical and functional characterization of connexin channels
Andrew P. ThomasRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencethomasap@njms.rutgers.eduCellular and molecular mechanims underlying metabolic disorders, alcohol-related pathologies, Calcium in physiology/disease
Andrew WestbrookRBHS-BHI/RWJMSPsychiatryandrew.westbrook@rutgers.eduCognitive, striatal, cortical, dopamine, learning and decision-making, neural dynamics, working memory, cognitive control, and subjective cognitive effort. pharmacology and TMS, with fMRI, EEG, eyetracking, and computational modeling of behavior, clinical neuroscience.
Anna KonovaRBHS-UBHC/RWJMSPsychiatryak1677@ubhc.rutgers.eduClinical translational neuroscience of drug addiction in humans, computational psychiatry, decision neuroscience, neuroeconomics, emotion and mood state, dietary choice, fMRI
Ann W. SilkRBHS-CINJCancer Oncology, brain metastases, immunotherapy, brain imaging, perfusion MRI, imaging biomarker, oncolytic virus, melanoma, skin cancers, gene expression profiling
Annie BeuveRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencebeuveav@njms.rutgers.eduNitric Oxide/cGMP signaling in neuronal and cardiovascular systems
April Neural mechanisms necessary for normal cognitive and language development
Arnold GlassRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Cognitive Psychology
Arthur TomieRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Pavlovian conditioning of directed action; alcohol abuse and addiction
Audrey MindenRU-NBChem Bio (Pharmacy)aminden@pharmacy.rutgers.eduPAK family of serine/threonine kinases in process of neurite outgrowth
Avram HolmesRBHS-RWJMS/BHIPsychiatryavram.holmes@rutgers.eduEmotion, cognition, MRI, network, genes, circuit, cells, computational, neuroimaging,
Barry R. Neural basis and therapies for genital-related pathologies
Bart Visual perception, motion perception, eye movements, recurrent networks, temporal dynamics, adaptation, functional imaging, EEG, transcranial stimulation, awake behaving primates, schizophrenia, oscillations, computational models
Barth GrantRU-NBMol Bio & Biochem (SAS) molecular mechanisms controlling uptake from the cell surface (endocytosis), and endocytic recycling,
Benjamin SamuelsRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Molecular, cellular, genetic, behavioral, and neural circuitry studies into the mechanisms underlying treatment resistance; Mouse models of depression and anxiety; Brain gene expression profiling.
Bharat Brain Function, Brain Connectivity, MRI, fMRI, resting state, fNIRS, TBI, Autism
Bonnie FiresteinRU-NBCell Bio & Dendrite patterning and synaptogenesis; traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), autism, Rett Syndrome, and Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia
Brian GreerRBHS-RWJMS/ Autism and developmental disabilities
Assessment and treatment of destructive behavior
Treatment relapse and relapse mitigation
Bridget Matikainen-Ankney motivation, neurobiology of obesity, basal ganglia circuits, electrophysiology, synaptic plasticity, persistent maladaptive behavior
Bruce A. CitronRBHS-NJMS/VAPharmacology, Physiology & Neurodegeneration, neuroprotection, molecular neuroscience, transcription factors
Bryan J. Neural tissue engineering/axon growth, transport and assembly/in-vitro and in-vivo models of nerve injury
Caroline Hayes-RosenRBHS-NJMSNeurologyhayesrca@njms.rutgers.eduADHD, autism, neurodevelopmental disorders
Carrie EsopenkoRBHS-SHPRehabilitation and Movement Sciencescarrie.esopenko@rutgers.eduCognitive, mental health, and Neuroimaging measures to assess sex differences in concussion outcomes; brain injury
Catherine MyersRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & brain substrates of learning and memory; computational neuroscience; experimental neuropsychology
Cathleen PiazzaRU-NB/ Basic, translational, and applied studies related to assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders
Charles M. RothRU-NBChem & Biochem Engcmroth@rci.rutgers.eduMolecular Bioengineering of Antisense Oligonucleotides
Charles Randy GallistelRU-NBPsychology (SAS) psychophysical approach to screen for memory malfunction in genetically manipulated mice
Cheryl F. DreyfusRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) brain development and repair role of trophic factors and glial cells
Ching-On WongRU-NewarkBiological Neurodegeneration; aging; cell metabolism; organellar biology; endo-lysosome; genetic models; Drosophila.

Various Drosophila melanogaster genetic models of diseases
Chinnaswamy KasinathanRBHS-SDMOral Protein modifications in alcohol and opioid addiction
Christine Rohowsky-KochanRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Role of cytokines in Autism, multiple sclerosis, TBI & SCI, eating disorders
Christopher glutamate receptor cell biology; C. elegans; microtubule-associated protein Tau in Alzheimer’s Disease; Frontotemporal Dementia with Parkinsonism-Chromosome 17; mitochondrial dynamics and transport; hexosamine metabolite pathway; glycosylation
R. Christopher PierceRBHS-RWJMS/ Animal models of addiction, epigenetics, optogenetics, electrophysiology, molecular biologyTransgenic rat models expressing CRE recombinase in cells expressing D1 or D2 dopamine receptors
Conor McClenaghanRBHS-RWJMS/ Ion channel biophysics, physiology, pharmacology and channelopathies. KATP channel dysfunction, Cantu Syndrome and ABCC9-related Intellectual disability and Myopathy Syndrome
Danielle M. DickRBHS-RWJMS/ Addiction, substance use disorders, genetics, GWAS, opioid, alcohol, childhood disorders, development, racial disparity
Konstantinos MichmizosRU-NBComputer Neuro-inspired and neuro-mimicking computational models and methods that integrate with the brain activity, from the micro (neural) to the macro (behavioral) scale
Daphne SoaresRU-NBiological Sciencessoares@njit.eduEvolution of circuitries, molecular mechanisms of behavior, and sensory novelty
David CaseRU-NBChem & Chem Computational modeling; molecular dynamics simulations of proteins and nucleic acids;
David CrockettRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Molecular and structural changes associated with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, TBI, SCI, Injury, behavioral assessment. Fluid percussion injury, controlled cortical impact and closed head injury in developing and adult mice. Spinal hemisection and compression injury in mice.
David I. ShreiberRU-NBBiomed CNS injury mechanics; biomaterial, tissue, and cellular engineering approaches for repair and restoration of neural functions
David J. BarkerRU-NB/ Systems neuroscience, drug addiction, reward and aversion learning, anxiety, depression, pain. Anatomical tract tracing, in situ hybridization, confocal, brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, drug self-administration, optogenetics, chemogenetics, electron microscopy, pavlovian and operant conditioning, rodent behavior.
David J. MargolisRU-NBCell Bio & two-photon, calcium imaging, widefield imaging, fluorescent probes, genetically encoded transgenic mice, Cre lines, cranial window, chronic long-term multisite recordings, electrophysiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics, neuron, dendrite, synapse, cortical network, head-fixed behavior, arduino, experience-dependent, brain injury, TBI, Fragile-X syndrome, degeneration, sensory processing, cortex, striatum
David VicarioRU-NBPsychology (SAS) sensory-motor integration during vocal learning in songbirds
Debkumar PainRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Mitochondrial function; iron homeostasis; Friedreich's ataxia; Parkinson's disease; yeast and catecholaminergic model sytems
Denis Amygdala circuitry and function in emotion, fear responses, synaptic plasticity and network properties; bed nucleus of the stria terminalis
Derek Gene mapping studies of scoliosis, Alzheimer's Disease, and hair and skin phenotypes
Detlev BoisonRBHS-RWJMS/NJMS/ Epilepsy, Epileptogenesis, Brain injury, Brain repair, Neurogenesis, Neurodegeneration, Schizophrenia, Autism, Cancer, Metabolism, Energy homeostasis, Adenosine, Neuromodulation, Epigenetics, Stem Cell Therapy, AAV, Stereotactic rodent surgery, Behavioral Neuroscience, Translational Research, Drug Discovery & Development.Equipment:
Controlled cortical impact device to induce TBI in mice; Electrical kindling setup to induce epilepsy; Stereotactic brain manipulations; EEG recording equipment; Fluorescence Microscope with Stereology equipment
Transgenic, conditional and constitutive knock out lines with mutations in adenosine kinase to study adenosine's role in brain injury, neuroprotection, brain degeneration, and regeneration. Lines available include Adk(+/), Adk-flox, Adk-S transgenic (ubiquitous promotor); Adk-L transgenic (CamKII promotor); CamKIIa-Cre line; AAV based vector systems to increase or decrease adenosine kinase expression; Conditional glycine transporter I (GlyT1) knockout mice; Various cell and stem cell lines with mutations in adenosine kinase.
Diana S. GlendinningRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) centrally generated limb and respiratory movements in Parkinson's disease
Dimitris MetaxasRU-NBComputer computer vision, computer graphics and medical imaging
Dipak K. SarkarRU-NBAnimal Sciencessarkar@aesop.rutgers.eduEffect of stresses on neurophysiological functions (neural stem cells, anxiety, alcohol, neuroendocrine)
Dirk BucherRU-NBiological Neuronal excitability and network dynamics/computational neuroscience
Eileen KowlerRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Cognitive Psychology; control the planning and programming of eye movements
Ekaterina DobryakovaRBHS-NJMSKessler Neurodegeneration and injury, motivational and affective neuroscience;
functional MRI
Eldo V. KuzhikandathilRBHS-NJMSPPN; Brain Health Dopaminergic system- expression and function/signal transduction; Parkinson's, dyskinesia, depression/anxiety, addiction
Eleanna KaraRBHS-RWJMSNeurology/ Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration, a-synuclein, genetics, neuropathology, cell biology, imaging, high throughput screens.
Elizabeth Functional organization of basal ganglia and limbic circuitry/neurochemistry/in vivo recordings/animal behavior
Elizabeth BonawitzRU-NPsychologyelizabeth.bonawitz@rutgers.eduCognitive Development and Computational Modeling
Elizabeth TorresRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Autism Spectrum Disorders, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, Deafferentation, Sports, Dynamic Diagnosis, Outcome Measures, EEG, Motor Electrophysiology,
Computational Methods, Modeling
Elizabeth fMRI/ brain?s reward system in feedback-based learning/ contextual influences on learning and decision making
Ellen Townes-AndersonRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscienceandersel@njms.rutgers.eduRetinal degeneration and injury; cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity in visual system; salamander/pig
Emanuel DiCicco-BloomRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Gene and growth factor regulation of neurogenesis during mammalian brain development; development of cerebellum, cerebral cortex, hippocampus; mouse models of autism and schizophrenia; human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and neural stem cells including idiopathic and syndromic autism; work in vivo, in culture, with gene under- and over-expression
Emily Greenfield Cohen RU-NB-SSWHuman Development and Family My research advances understanding of how social-structural and social-relational factors influence health and psychological well-being across the life course. One aspect of my research addresses how social inequalities from childhood influence cognitive health in later life. With support from the NIA, I am leading investigations in this area using data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study and the RU-Newark African American Brain Health Initiative. I am interested in continuing to forge collaborations with scholars who are interested in taking an explicit "cells to society" approach within their research on brain health.
Eric S. FortuneRU-NBiological Scienceseric.fortune@njit.eduIntracellular recordings of CNS neurons in behaving animals, pharmacological studies, and mathematical modeling
Eunsung MicroRNA; Molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease
Eun-Young MunRU-NBCenter for Alcohol Meta-analysis; motivational interventions; alcohol use and problems among college students; Comparative effectiveness research; young adults; innovative computing approaches to large-scale data; developmental psychology
Evan CohenRBHS-SHPRehabilitation and Movement physical rehabilitation; multiple sclerosis (MS); impact of fatigue and fatigabliity on physical function in people with MS; translation of basic and clinical research for application to physical rehabilitation for people with MS.
Evan Suicide, self-harm, real-time monitoring, wearable devices, depression, stress, ecological momentary assessment, mutli-level modeling, ecological momentary intervention, clinical psychology, suicide prevention, positive psychology
Evgeny G. VaschilloRU-NBCenter for Alcohol Alcohol addiction; TBI; Vascular tone baroreflex as a target for alcohol use intervention; HRV as an objective clinical measure of TBI symptom severity; Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and psychophysiological assessment
Farzan NadimRU-NBiological Synaptic dynamics/Oscillatory networks/computational neuroscience
Federico SestiRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) physiology, regulation and biophysics of potassium (K+) channels
Fred KramerRBHS-NJMSMMG- PHRIkramerfr@njms.rutgers.eduMolecular beacons, development of extremely sensitive and specific molecular diagnostic assays
G. Terence WilsonRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Eating Disorders Clinic;
Gabriella D'ArcangeloRU-NBCell Bio & molecular mechanisms of brain development, neurogenesis, neuronal migration, differentiation and synaptic connectivity
Gal HaspelRU-NBiological Sciencesgal.haspel@njit.eduC. elegans. Neuronal network/behavior connectivity, activity, and recovery from injury
Gary A. Genetics, neuropsychiatric; Tourette’s Disorder (TD); obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); ADHD; epilepsy and depression; Parkinson’s disease
Gary Aston-JonesRU/RBHS-BHIBrain Health Institutegsa35@ca.rutgers.eduMotivational and affective neuroscience, Cognitive, Cocaine addiction, DREADDs
Gerard Fluet RBHS-SHPRehabilitation and Movement Sciences Technology-assisted rehabilitation for neurological disorders, neuromuscular control of movement, robotics, virtual reality
Geraldine V. Project Resilience, examines the social-emotional and academic resilience of at-risk Hispanic American preschool children. This project examines the cognitive, psychosocial, and cultural-linguistic factors (acculturation, bilingualism) that affect language and social-emotional development, school readiness, and early literacy skills
Gleb molecular and cellular mechanisms of learning and memory focusing on learned fear
Glenn WylieRBHS-NJMSKessler Neuroimaging; cognitive control, cognitive fatigue, multiple sclerosis, TBI, schizophrenia
Gretchen ChapmanRU-NBPsychology (SAS) cognitive, social, and health psychology
Haesun KimRU-NBiological Growth factors & signaling in CNS/PNS glial cells
Hai SunRBHS-RWJMSNeurosurgeryjhs925@rwjms.rutgers.eduMedical imaging techniques to study the impact of neurological diseases on brain networks; electrophysiological techniques such as optogenetics to study epileptogenesis. Custom computer programs for image and signal processing. Optical laser source and intracranial recording devices for in vivo electrophysiological experiments
Harvey R. WeissRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) blood brain barrier permeability during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion; cerebral oxygen consumption during autism
Helene R. WhiteRU-NBCenter for Alcohol Studieshewhite@rci.rutgers.edualcohol/drug use; substance abuse; childhood and adolescent risk; Racial differences in developmental patterns, predictors, and consequences of substance use during adolescence and the transition from adolescence into young adulthood
Helen M. BuettnerRU-NBChem & Biochem Nerve growth and regeneration, acupuncture mechanisms, modeling of biological processes
Hieronim JakubowskiRBHS-NJMSMMG- PHRIjakubows@njms.rutgers.eduHomocysteines in Alzheimer's disease
Hong LiRBHS-NJMSMMGliho2@njms.rutgers.eduProteomics core, NINDS funded NeuroProteomics Core Facility at NJMS
Horacio G. Rotstein NJIT / RU-NFederated Department of Biology/ Computational Neuroscience; Neuronal Oscillations from neurons to networks; Dynamics of Neuronal Networks/Microcircuits
Hyung Jin AhnRBHS-NJMS/BHIPharmacology, Physiology & Alzheimer’s disease, Blood-Brain Barrier, Cerebral amyloid Angiopathy, White matter lesions, Motor dysfunction in AD and ADRD
Huaye ZhangRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Regulation of Dendritic Spine Morphogenesis and Synaptic Plasticity
Ian OldenburgRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Neural circuits, Motor Circuits, Systems Neuroscience, Optics, Multiphoton Optogenetics, Behavioral Neuroscience, Neural Coding, Control of Movement.
Ioana CarceaRBHS-NJMS/BHIPharmacology, Physiology & How mammals process social information, and the neuronal mechanisms by which this information impacts brain states, neuronal plasticity and behavior. Single-unit recordings in behaving rodents, optogenetics and calcium imaging to investigate the role of the neurohormone oxytocin in the social transmission of behavior, social buffering, and social recognition.
Isaac EderyRU-NBMol Bio & Biochem (SAS) Circadian clocks. photic signal transduction. Drosophila behavior
Jacob FeldmanRU-NBPsychology (SAS) visual perception, especially perceptual organization and shape; and in categorization and concept learning.
Jacob I. Parkinson's Disease, dystonia
James Oxidative injury in the blood-brain barrier, pericytes, astrocytes, microglia, and neurons
James W. LangenbucherRU-NBCenter for Alcohol Diagnosis and nosology of Substance Use Disorders and comorbid conditions in the DSM Tradition; Use patterns and effects of Appearance- and Performance-Enhancing Drugs (APEDs)

James MillonigRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Neurodevelopmental disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, neural tube defects, schizophrenia
James Motor control circuitry analysis, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia, Tourette Syndrome
Janet AlderRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Neurogenesis, dendritic and spine morphology, apoptosis, neuronal degeneration and astrogliosis, small animal imaging biomarkers of TBI, Trophic factors and neuropeptides in neuronal development, psychiatric disorders and traumatic brain injury, depression, lateral fluid percussion and behavioral paradigms such as Morris Water Maze, Chronic Social Defeat Stress, Rotarod, Novelty Suppressed Feeding, Sucrose Preference, Tail Suspension Test, Forced Swim Test, Open Field Test
Jasdeep S. HundalRBHS-RWJMSCancer Institute of Virtual Reality based neurorehabilitation, Language mapping (MEG and fMRI), Neuropsychological development and validation, Neurodegenerative disorders, Epilepsy, and Functional outcomes after brain surgery
Jason impact of high-stress environments and risk behavior on young adults’ mental health.
Jay C. SyRU-NBBiomed drug delivery, biomaterials, medical devices, fabrication, CSF, glial cell biology/biocompatibility
Jay genetics of alcoholism, opiate addiction, autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Jean BaumRU-NBChem & Chem experimental and computational methods to study à-synuclein aggregation mechanism; Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's
Jean-Pierre EtchegarayRU-NewarkBiological Epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms, circadian rhythms, early stages of neural development, and cancer stem cells.
Jeffrey D. ZahnRU-NBBiomed Microfluidics for neuro glia cultures; multi-electrode arrays; mini neuro circuitry; neuroprobes
Jennifer BuckmanRU-NBKinesiology and addictive behavior; neural processing and cardiovascular dynamics; alcohol and other drug use behaviors; cognitive, social, and genetic Influences of alcohol; sports-related concussions
Jennifer NIMH Stem Cell Resource; generation of iPSC and their differentiation into neural derivatives for psychiatric disorders
Jessica SalvatoreRBHS-RWJMSPsychiatry genetic and environmental influences on alcohol and substance use disorders, developmental psychopathology
Jiang H. Alcohol addiction, dopaminergic circuits, addictive behaviors
Jianmin ChenRU-NBCell Bio & glutamine synthetase (GS); Alzheimer's Disease
Jill RabinowitzRBHS-RWJMS/ child and adolescent development; psychiatric and behavior genetics, substance use disorders etiology, substance use disorder treatment response, sleep
Jill M. Nicotine addiction and mental disorders (schizophrenia)
Joan Maternal motivation and drugs of abuse/ impact of drugs of abuse on the normal development of preweanling rats
John DeLucaRBHS-NJMSKessler disorders of memory and information processing; multiple sclerosis, TBI, stroke
John E. PintarRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Developmental neurobiology and endocrinology; opioids
John McGannRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Sensory neuroscience, especially olfaction; mechanisms of learning and memory; neuroplasticity; optical imaging, chemogenetics, and electrophysiology.
John R. BachRBHS-NJMSPhysical Med & neuromuscular disease, especially orthopedic, respiratory, cardiac, and pulmonary rehabilitation
John TaylorRU-NBChem & Chem Bioactive peptide design and synthesis, protein engineering, ligand-receptor interactions (opioids and opioid receptors)
Jorge GolowaschRU-NBiological Sciencesgolowasch@njit.eduNeuronal excitability and network dynamics/computational neuroscience
Jorge SerradorRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Understanding Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation
• Examining the role of the Vestibular System in Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Control
• Assessing Vestibular Loss and Developing New Treatments
• Enhancing Neural Systems using Stochastic Resonance
• Sex Differences in Human Physiology
Jose G. CentenoRBHS-SHPRehabilitation and Movement Post-stroke language impairments (aphasia) in bilingual/multilingual individuals, especially expressive verb use by Spanish-English speakers; Service delivery in multi-ethnic adult neurorehabilitation caseloads with communication/language impairments.
Joshua BerlinRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscienceberlinjr@njms.rutgers.eduBiophysical analysis of ion transport (ion channels and transporters)
Juan Mena-SegoviaRU-NewarkCMBNjuan.mena@rutgers.eduNeuronal circuits; neuromodulatory systems; cholinergic brainstem; dopamine; basal ganglia; sleep; arousal; goal-directed behavior; ultrastructural anatomy; neuronal tracing; optogenetics; in vivo electrophysiology. visit-
Juan P. AdvisRU-NBAnimal hypothalamic median eminence (ME) control of neuroendocrine secretion
Judith HudsonRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Cognitive Psychology
Judy language development and related cognitive processes in autism spectrum disorders
Julien MusolinoRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Cognitive Psychology / Psycholinguistics
Justin D. YaoRBHS-RWJMS/BHIOtolaryngology-Head & Neck Auditory Cortex; Parietal Cortex; Neural Basis of Sensory Decision-Making; Sensory Impairment and Cognitive Dysfunction
Karin StromswoldRU-NBPsychology (SAS) cognitive and neural basis of language; Genetics of Language and Language Disorders
Kasia BieszczadRU-NBPsychology (SAS) auditory cortex, tonotopic map, sensory physiology, behavioral psychology, epigenetics, histone acetylation,
Kelvin Y. KwanRU-NBCell Bio & Molecular basis of hair cell (auditory, sensory) regeneration; auditory progenitor cells
Kenneth G. ParadisoRU-NBCell Bio & Pre- and postsynaptic physiology at the calyx of Held
Kenneth IrvineRU-NBMol Bio & Biochem (SAS) relationships between patterning and growth in developing and regenerating organs.Hippo signaling
Kenneth ReuhlRU-NBPharmacology and neuropathology, following chemical or traumatic brain injury
Kevin BeckRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencebeckkd@njms.rutgers.eduStress, sex differences, learning and memory, neuroendironology
Kevin MonahanRU-NBMol Bio & Biochem (SAS)km1339@dls.rutgers.eduolfaction; neuronal diversity; 3D nuclear structure; chromatin; development
Kevin PangRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencepangke@njms.rutgers.eduAnxiety, learning and memory, aging
Ki-Bum LeeRU-NBChem & Chem microenvironmental cues affecting neuro-differentiation of stem cells; nanotechnology and chemical biology
Kouichi Multiple Sclerosis. Mechanisms of immune-mediated neuroinflammation and demyelination/axonal loss
Kristina JacksonRBHS-RWJMS/BHI/ Alcohol, cannabis, substance use disorders, comorbidity, adolescent, development, contextual influences on substance use, ecological momentary assessment
Laleh NajafizadehRU-NBElectrical & Computer Functional Brain Imaging, Brain Connectivity, Diffuse Optical Brain Imaging, Electroencephalography, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Biomedical Applications
Laszlo Basal forebain cholinergic circuits analysis using electrophysiology, labeling, EEG, computational and functional imaging
Lei molecular and genetic bases of alcoholism and drug abuse, stress, neuropathic pain, and pain-relief analgesia.
Leonid Pain and Analgesia; PK & PD in obesity
Li CaiRU-NBBiomed Englcai@rutgers.eduregulatory mechanisms of gene expression in stem cells, neuronal, retinal
Linda molecular and statistical genetics ; schizophrenia, autism, and specific language impairment (SLI)
Linden ParkesRBHS-RWJMSPsychiatry/ Network Science, Graph Theory, Connectome Analysis, Human Neuroimaging (fMRI, DWI), Dynamical Systems Theory, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Dimensional Psychopathology, Development
Loren W. TRP ion channels in early development as well as during neuronal injury
Louis MatzelRU-NBPsychology (SAS) cognitive behavior; molecular, biochemical, and neurophysiological determinants of intelligence in mice
Luciano D'AdamioRBHS-NJMS/BHIPharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscienceluciano.dadamio@rutgers.eduMechanisms of age-related neurodegeneration occurring in Alzheimer disease (AD), Familial British dementia (FBD) and Danish dementia (FDD) as well as the biological function of APP and BRI2 in the CNS. We study the role of these genes in progressive memory and synaptic transmission impairment that are dependent on a C-Terminal fragment of APP. We have developed the first knock-in Rat models for AD and FDD to study behavior, learning and memory.
Machteld E . Multiple sclerosis and Huntington's disease
Maggie Visual cognition, motor function
Manish SinghRU-NBPsychology (SAS) visual perception of objects and surfaces; cognitive psychology
Maral Molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease and novel therapeutics
Marilyn anxiety/stress; trauma; substance use; treatments; assessment; person-centered; ecological; intensive longitudinal
Marc L. Alcohol and tobacco addiction, Tobacco dependence, Mental health, Motivational Interviewing, Task persistence, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Behavioral therapy development
Marc TambiniRBHS-NJMS/BHIPharmacology, Physiology & Alzheimer's, rat knock-in models, endolysosomal and exosomal function, amyloid, APP metabolitesAssorted plasmids of APP, APP mutants, and split GFP constructs
Marco A. ZarbinRBHS-NJMSInstitute of Ophthalmology and Visual Retinal degeneration; cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity in visual system; retinal detachment; pig. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD); cell replacement therapy; cell transplantation; translational research; human donor eye organ culture.
Margaret Semantic and episodic memory in young adults; post-concussion effects on cognitive performance in young adults; TBI
Margaret W Relation between emotion and cognition in infants and preschoolers
Margery H. Parkinson's Disease, movement disorders
Maria Chiara ManziniRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell intellectual disability, autism, brain malformations, neuromuscular disease, neural development, intracellular signaling, human genetics, transgenic mouse and zebrafish models
Maria de la Encarnacion Solesio Mitochondrial physiology and dysfunction in neurodegeneration and aging
Mark Behavior, clinical neuropsychological studies, fMRI, animal models, genetics, and computational modeling.
Mark A. RossiRBHS-RWJMSPsychiatry/ Neural control of feeding, energy homeostasis, diet-induced obesity, motivation, feeding hormones, deep brain two-photon calcium imaging, hypothalamus, electrophysiology
Mark R. PlummerRU-NBCell Bio & mechanisms that initiate and regulate changes in synaptic strength; Calcium channels; BDNF
Mark WestRU-NBPsychology (SAS) behavioral correlations of dopamine; addiction; sensory motor; reward learning and drug abuse; cocaine; rat ultrasonic vocalizations; optogenetics; striatum; basal ganglia
Marsha BatesRU-NBKinesiology and Health and Center of Alcohol Heart rate variability and the baroreflex mechanism in behavioral flexibility; Acute and chronic alcohol and drug effects on cognitive and neuropsychological functioning; neurocognitive deficits and recovery of function in addiction treatment outcomes; neurocardiac signaling; craving and negative affective states that promote relapse; Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and cardiovascular assessment;
Martin GrumetRU-NBCell Bio & Neural stem cells in development & neurological disorders
Martin L. YarmushRU-NBBiomed Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for tissue injury and organ failure (e.g. spinal cord, TBI); Brain-on-a-chip microsystems for analyzing circuit disorders (e.g. epilepsy, TBI); Wound healing in spinal cord injury
Mary genetically inherited and sporadic forms of Alzheimer's disease
Maureen C. elegans; nervous system development and function; neural circuits
Mauricio Imaging emotion and cognition in the human brain during learning and decision-making (fMRI)
Max A. TischfieldRU-NBCell Bio & Craniofacial, brain, and vascular biology and the relationship to disease
Meenakshi DuttRU-NBChem & Biochem Engmeenakshi.dutt@rutgers.eduInteractions of lipid bilayer membranes & vesicles with charged colloids & nanoparticles, Bio-interfaces
Melchi MichelRU-NBPsychology (SAS) visual perception and sensory integration; cognitive psychology
Melitta SchachnerRU-NBCell Bio & Functional roles of adhesion molecules at the cell surface and in the extracellular matrix during nervous system development, regeneration and synaptic plasticity.
Mesut Neural Prosthetics; Wireless Microstimulation; Neural Recording with Multi-Electrode Arrays; Synchrony in the Cerebellum; Descending Tracts in Spinal Cord
Michael Social & emotional development; origins of consciousness; neurodevelopment; autism
Michal BeeriRBHS-RWJMS/BHI/ Alzheimer disease, dementia, aging, cognitive, diabetes, biomarkers, MRI
Michael LeytonRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Cognitive Psychology
Michael MatiseRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Hedgehog (Hh) pathway in central nervous system (CNS) development; mouse spinal cord injury models
Michael W. Neuroimaging research, cognitive control, executive functions, attention, fMRI, MEG, EEG, computational modeling, brain network analysis, functional connectivity, machine learning applied to neuroimaging
Mi-Hyeon Neural stem cells, adult neurogenesis, hippocampus, learning and memory function, Alzheimer’s disease and chemobrain, molecular biology, high-resolution imaging, genetics, and behavioral neuroscience, cognitive dysfunction, cancer
Mike KiledjianRU-NBCell Bio & mRNA turnover in specific neurological disorders including X-linked Mental Retardation and Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Miriam Bocarsly RBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & systems neuroscience, neural control of feeding, addiction and reward, obesity rodent behavior, transgenic mouse models, anatomical tracing, fast-scan cyclic voltammetry, photometry
Miriam Rosenberg-Lee cognitive development; mathematical reasoning; fMRI; brain networks; autism; learning disabilities
Mladen-Roko RasinRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) posttranscriptional control of neural stem cells and projection neurons of the cerebral cortex
Mona BatishRBHS-NJMSMMGbatishmo@njms.rutgers.eduTracking mRNA (at single molecule level) in neurons
Monica DriscollRU-NBMol Bio & Biochem (SAS)driscoll@dls.rutgers.eduDevelopmental neurogenetics. molecular genetics of neuronal cell death. mechanosensory transduction in touch and feeling.
Morgan Animal models of addiction and mood disorders, sleep, circadian rhythms, chemogenetics, behavioral pharmacologyTransgenic rat models that express CRE recombinase in cells expressing tyrosine hydroxylase and orexin; telemetry; operant behavioral equipment
Nada N. BoustanyRU-NBBiomed minimally invasive optical imaging technology to track signaling pathways and analyze the function of genes within living cells
Namas ChandraNJITBMEnamas.chandra@njit.eduEffect of blast/TBI on nervous system
Nancy ChiaravallotiRBHS-NJMSKessler functional neuroimaging, neuropsychology, multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), cognitive rehabilitation
Natasha O'BrownRU-NBCell Bio & Zebrafish, neurovascular interactions and blood-brain barrier function. genetics, neural development and vascular cell biology
Nicholas T. BelloRU-NBAnimal Neural control of feeding and diet selection
Nathan WagesRBHS-SHP/BHIRehabilitation and Movement Sciences nw369@shp.rutgers.eduNeurodegenerative diseases, Neurorehabilitation, Neurological Injuries, Aging, Neuromuscular control
Nima ToosizadehRBHS-SHP/BHIRehabilitation and Movement Sciences nima.toosizadeh@rutgers.eduAging, Wearable Sensors, Biomechanics, Machine Learning, Frailty, Fall, Alzheimer, imaging, MRI
Nizar SouayahRBHS-NJMSNeurologysouayani@njms.rutgers.eduNeuromuscular disorders, ALS, Mysthania Gravis
Noelle StilesRBHS-RWJMS/BHINeurologynoelle.stiles@rutgers.eduvision, blindness, low vision, visual restoration, audition, fMRI, psychophysics, retinal prostheses, rehabilitation, perceptual learning, multisensory perception, crossmodal illusions
Noriko GoldsmithRU-NBCell Bio & IHC studies on central nervous system, neuronal cell survival in response to DNA-damage ; Neuroscience Imaging Facility
Noshir A. LangranaRU-NBBiomed spinal fusion, development of spinal disc prosthesis and testing spinal implants.
Olga Boukrina Kessler FoundationStroke Rehabilitation Stroke, reading, structural and functional MRI, ASL, DTI, delirium, spatial neglect, effective and functional connectivity
Olga F. JarrínRBHS-SNNursing Health services research, Medicare, nursing care of acute and chronic illness, Alzheimer's disease, health equityConsulting/collaboration on design of studies using Medicare population data
Ozlem (Bozdagi) My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms driving synaptic pathophysiology in neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism using rodent models with targeted gene mutations, and translate the findings into effective treatments using multi-disciplinary research techniques including electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, proteomic and behavioral analyses. In particular, my studies in a mouse model of autism and developmental delay, showed significant beneficial synaptic effects of IGF-1, which provided support for the initiation of a clinical trial testing the effect of IGF-1 for SHANK3-deficiency and autism. I am currently directing a study in another autism related mouse model, Cyfip1 deficient mice, focused on understanding the mechanisms by which Cyfip1 regulates synapse function and plasticity in developing neural circuits,
Patrice MaurelRU-NBiological Cell adhesion molecules (the Nectin-like proteins) and regulation of axo-glial interactions during myelination
Patricia BuckendahlRU-NBCenter for Alcohol Sensory responses osteocalcin (OC knockout) mice; spinal cord injury (SCI); binge alcohol consumption; inflammation; sensory ganglia
Patrick M. FoyeRBHS-NJMSPhysical Med & Musculoskeletal pain, including low back pain and coccyx pain
Pernille HemmerRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Cognitive Psychology; episodic and semantic memory, knowledge representation, decision making in naturalistic environments, computational and Bayesian modeling
Peter DowlingRBHS-NJMSNeurologydowlinpc@njms.rutgers.eduMultiple sclerosis; glial cell death pathways; Demyelinating disease-cell death and regeneration experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Petros Clinical Psychiatry
Philip ParkerRU-NBPsychology (SAS)phil.parker@rutgers.eduvisual neuroscience, natural behavior, optogenetics and chemogenetics, in vivo electrophysiology and two-photon imaging, slice electrophysiology, computational modeling of behavior; neural circuits for ethological visual behavior in health and disease
Pierre-Olivier Electrophysiological, optogenetic and functional imaging techniques to study perception & seizure initiation
Pingyue PanRBHS-RWJMSNeurosci & Cell Function and regulation of dopaminergic synapses, as well as the mechanisms of its deregulation in disease conditions. Synaptic deregulation in the context of Parkinson's disease. Transgenic mouse models, optical tools for quantitative imaging, biochemical, behavioral and pathological analyses to address dopamine neuron-specific vulnerability. How different synaptic PD variants integrate their signaling to culminate in the dysfunction of dopaminergic pathways.
Prabhas V. MogheRU-NBChem & Biochem NanobiomaterialsÿandÿNanobiointerfaces
Pranela Mesenchymal stem cells, neuronal differentiation, dopaminergic neurons
Qian CaiRU-NBCell Bio & Autophagy-Lysosomal Regulation in Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration
Qiong Zhang RU-NBPsychology & Computer Cognitive modeling, neural basis of memory, computational methods for neural data analysis, Electroencephalogram (EEG), human brain imaging
Radek Neuronal death in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease (AD and PD); endo-lysosomal system; protein stability and trafficking; mTOR; aging; TBI; mouse models; iPSCs
Rafiq HudaRU-NB-SASCell Bio & Understand how cell specific cortical and subcortical circuits support flexible control of behavior. We use large scale cellular and subcellular resolution two-photon calcium imaging to measure the activity patterns of specific neuronal populations; sophisticated and quantifiable behavioral paradigms for mice that probe core features of adaptive behavioral control; targeted optogenetic manipulations to determine the causal relationship between neuronal activity and behavior; and advanced circuit tracing tools to establish the structural logic of connectivity between specific neuronal populations.
Rafael BenolielRBHS-SDMOral Orofacial pain
Renping ZhouRU-NBChem Bio (Pharmacy) growth factors signaling in CNS during embryonic development; involvement of growth factors in Parkinson's Disease
Richard FouldsNJITBMEfoulds@njit.eduNeuromusular/rehabilitation engineering; neural control of movement; multimodal human/machine interaction; mechatronics
Robert F. HearyRBHS-NJMSNeurological Spinal cord injury- clinical aspects
Robert LedeenRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscienceledeenro@njms.rutgers.eduGM1 gangliosides in neurodegeneration. Role in motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Robin L. DavisRU-NBCell Bio & Sensory signaling and ontogeny, as related to molecular mechanisms that regulate auditory function
Robin StephensRBHS-NJMSCenter for Immunity & Inflammation; Pharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencerobin.stephens@rutgers.eduCerebral Malaria, mouse, Neuron, Glia, Vascular Unit, Neuroinflammation, Neuropathology, Coagulation, Systemic Inflammation, Immunity, neonatal, Sickness Behavior
Rochel GelmanRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Developmental Psychology and Learning.
Roman ShirokovRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Biophysical and cellular characterization of voltage-gated calcium channels
Ronald P. HartRU-NBCell Bio & iPSC to study mechanisms of neurogenesis and to model diseases of the human nervous system; stem cellsThe Hart lab has constructed and is willing to share lentiviral vectors expressing variants of human APOE (E2, E3, or E4) and human Alzheimer precursor protein (APP), including the Swedish mutated version.
Ruifeng (Ray) CaoRBHS-RWJMSNeuroscience & Cell circadian rhythm and sleep, neuropsychiatric disorders (autism and depression), and traumatic brain injury
Sabine HilfikerRBHS-NJMSAnesthesiology &
Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Parkinson´s disease; LRRK2; protein phosphorylation; membrane trafficking; endolysosomal system; Rab proteins; therapeutics and patient stratificationmouse models of PD; patient-derived cells
Sagar D KhareRU-NBChem & Chem structural determinants of enzymatic specificity and reactivity using computational protein design
Sergei Technology-assisted rehabilitation for neurological disorders/neuromuscular control of movement/ robotics and virtual reality
Sergei V. KotenkoRBHS-NJMSMMGkotenkse@njms.rutgers.eduCytokines and signaling
Shan Peripheral neuropathy, GBS/CIDP, myopathy, myasthenia gravis, and ALS
Shu Chan HsuRU-NBCell Bio & Molecular mechanisms of vesicle trafficking underlying synaptic development and function
Smita Thakker-VariaRBHS-RWJMSNeuro & Cell Bio (RBHS) Neurotrophic factors and neuropeptides in neuronal development, traumatic brain injury and mental disorders, lateral fluid percussion and behavioral paradigms
Soha SalehRBHS-SHP/BHIRehabilitation & Movement brain, spinal cord, injury, multiple sclerosis, cognitive, neural networks, motor learning, neuroplasticity, fNIRS, EEG, MRI
Spencer KnappRU-NBChem & Chem synthetic organic chemistry, including the development of new synthetic methods and the synthesis of natural products
Stacey Organic synthesis, catalysis and medicinal chemistry
Stavroula SofouRU-NBChem & Biochem Engstavroula.sofou@rutgers.eduBiomembranes and Drug Delivery Systems
Stella ElkabesRBHS-NJMSNeurological Spinal cord injury (SCI), Glia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroimmunology, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), neuropathic pain, neuronal and glial culture, motor function
Stephen CrystalRU-NBSchool of Social Work; Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Use and outcomes of opiate medications in large usual-care populations, and issues concerning initiation, retention and outcomes of medication-assisted treatment for opiate use disorder
Stephen José HansonDirector of Rutgers Brain Imaging Center-NewarkRUBIC, RU-N, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Computational Neuroimaging, Memory & Learning
Stephen Multiple sclerosis (clinical)
Steven LevisonRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencelevisosw@njms.rutgers.eduNeurodevelopment ; Neuroimmunology; Regeneration and Repair; Neural stem cells; Developmental Brain Disorders; Traumatic brain injury (TBI); Concussion; Stroke; Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Cerebral Palsy; Brain Tumors; Biomaterials; Transplantation; astrocytes; oligodendrocytes; myelin; cytokines
Growth Factors
Suchismita RayRU-NBCenter for Alcohol neural mechanisms that underlie implicit and explicit memory processes in chronic cocaine smokers compared to high- and low-risk individuals by using cognitive experimental tasks and fMRI. Brain regions of interest and connectivity between brain regions; alcohol addiction; the dynamic relation between neural activation and cardiovascular modulation
Suhayl S. Multiple sclerosis, neuroimmunology
Tara Vision rehabilitation through improvements in oculomotor behavior and functional MRI
Tara human genetics, computer science, statistical genetics, and bioinformatics; schizophrenia genes
Teresa M. LeyroRU-NBPsychologytml124@rci.rutgers.eduClinical psychology; cognitive, affective and psychophysiological vulnerabilities associated with anxiety and substance use, with a focus on cigarette smoking
Teresa WoodRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencewoodte@njms.rutgers.eduGrowth factors in CNS/PNS glial cells; multiple sclerosis, stroke, neural stem cells & progentitor cells; mTOR signaling
Tewodros (Teddy) AsefaRU-NBChem & Biochem Engtasefa@rci.rutgers.eduNanoparticles , Multifunctional Nanoporous and Mesoporous Materials for Drug-Delivery
Theodore children & adolescent psychiatry
Thomas Developing brain, developmental and acquired brain insults to the preterm and term infant and outcome of these insults
Thomas V. PapathomasRU-NBBiomed development of biologically relevant computational models of human brain function; vision and the brain
Tibor RohacsRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencerohacsti@njms.rutgers.eduCellular/biophysical characterization of Trp ligand gated ion channels. Thermal, mechanical and pain sensing mechanisms
Timothy OttoRU-NBPsychology (SAS) biological basis of memory formation and storage in the mammalian brain; molecular biology; behavior
Todd MoweryRBHS-BHI/RWJMSOtolaryngology- Head and Neck Critical period plasticity, Adult sensory plasticity, developmental hearing loss, associative learningnovel Adeno-Associated Viruses for receptor protein expression, mDlx AAV
Tracey ShorsRU-NBPsychology (SAS) Neurogenesis; stress and sex differences in learning
Tracy TranRU-NBiological Guidance molecules & receptors (semaphorins)/development/synapse formation
Travis E. Cognitive control and memory, how these functions are disrupted in clinical populations (e.g. addictions, ADHD, affective disorders, neurodegenerative disorders). Approaches include genetics, electroencephalography, event-related brain potentials, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion magnetic resonance imaging, and transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Treena L. Nerve tissue regeneration utilizing stem cells
Trevor Dyson-HudsonRBHS-NJMSKessler spinal cord injury and rehabilitation
Tejbeer KaurRBHS-RWJMS/BHIOtolaryngologytk755@bhi.rutgers.eduAuditory neuroscience, cochlea, hearing loss, macrophages, microglia, inflammation, ribbon synapses, neurodegeneration
Troy A. RoepkeRU-NBAnimal Sciencesta.roepke@rutgers.eduEffect of steroids, diets, and environmental stresses on neurophysiological functions controlled by the hypothalamus
Tulsi PatelRBHS-RWJMSNeuroscience and Cell Biologypatel.tulsi@rutgers.eduneurodevelopment, transcription factors, gene expression, chromatin, mature neurons from stem cells, adult-onset neurological diseases
Utz HerbigRBHS-NJMSMMGherbigut@njms.rutgers.eduTelomeres in aging and senescence
Vanessa H RouthRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencerouthvh@njms.rutgers.eduCentral regulation of food intake, obesity, metabolic disorders, eating disorders, neurophysiology
Vedad DelicRBHS-NJMS/VAPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencevedad.delic@rutgers.eduTBI, Parkinson, neurodegeneration, cell and molecular neuroscience, mitochondriaSeahorse XFp, mitochondrial expertise, closed head surgery-free rat TBI
Victoria AbrairaRU-NBCell Biology and Neuroscience abraira@dls.rutgers.eduWe use mouse molecular genetics to dissect the circuits of the somatosensory system. We study how touch circuits in the spinal cord contribute to pain, locomotion and social behaviors.
Vince systems and cognitive neuroscience, reward and motivation, neuroeconomics, behavioral electrophysiology, drug abuse, and computational models of behavior
Virgil MuresanRBHS-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Neurosciencemuresavi@njms.rutgers.eduCellular mechanisms in Alzheimers disease, axonal transport mechanisms
Wayne FisherRBHS-RWJMS/BHIPediatricswf116@rwjms.rutgers.eduAutism and developmental disabilities, Assessment and treatment of destructive behavior, Generative verbal behavior in humans
William CraeliusRU-NBBiomed Proesthetics, neural recovery, arm paralysis due to stroke, brain injury and cerebral palsy
William G. WadsworthRBHS-RWJMSPathology & Lab Axon Guidance and Neurodevelopment, Extracellular Matrix, Developmental Genetics
William J. BeldenRU-NBAnimal molecular aspects of chromatin-remodeling and circadian rhythms
William W. Word recognition imaging with fMRI and magnetoencephalography; brain basis of language and reading
Wilma FriedmanRU-NBiological Neurotrophic factors & signaling
Wise YoungRU-NBCell Bio & neuroprotective, regenerative, and remyelinative therapies of spinal cord injury
Xiaobo Mathematical techniques to evaluate the structural and functional organization of brain using structural MRI/fMRI/DTI data
Xumu ZhangRU-NBChem & Chem synthesis of biologically active compounds; biomimetic chemistry
Yana BrombergRU-NBBiochem & Micro (SEBS)yanab@rci.rutgers.educomputational method for annotating disease predisposition from genome variation data
Yannis AndroulakisRU-NBChem & Biochem Engyannis@rci.rutgers.eduSystems Biology, integrative modeling of signaling and gene expression, "functional physiomics"
Yihong ZhaoRU-NBGSAPP/Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Developing and applying statistical and machine learning methods to dissect the relationships between genetic factors, neurophenotypes, and psychiatric behaviors. Studying addiction biology through integrative analysis of data from various levels (e.g., genotyping, methylation markers, transcriptome, structural MRI, functional MRI, and behavioral measures).
Ying-Xian PanRBHS-BHI/ Molecular mechanisms of opioid actions
Opioid pharmacology
Animal models of pain and opioid addiction
Alternative splicing of GPCR
Development of novel drugs for treating pain
Ying XuRBHS-BHI/ Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; aging-related neuropathic pain; alcohol abuse induced dementia; drug discovery; mitochondrial dynamics; phosphodiestrase inhibitors
Yoon-Seong Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia with Lewy body, Aging, Mitochondria, Single-nuclei RNA-seq and ATAC-seq, Oxidative stress in neurodegeneration, Microbiome-gut-brain axis in Parkinson’s disease
Yong KimRBHS-BHI/ Brain cells’ compensatory or repair mechanisms, TBI,
Brain injury, Neurodegeneration, Mood disorders, Antidepressant actions
Floxed Wasf1 mice, Floxed Ahnak mice, Phosphorylation site-specific or total WAVE1 antibodies (anti-Ser310, anti-Ser397, anti-Ser441 or anti-C-terminal).
Yuanxiang Pain, molecular mechanisms, epigenetic regulation
Yuli Fradkin Neurodevelopment, neurocircuits , genetics, fMRI , autism , bipolar disorder, schizophrenia
Zoia MuresanRBH-NJMSPharmacology, Physiology & Molecular mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases; converging disease mechanisms; axonal transport; cell polarity