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Rutgers iJOBS Career Development Resource

The Rutgers University iJOBS Program, funded by the National Institutes of Health, prepares biomedical scientists for a range of careers in five professional tracks: i) science and health policy, ii) business management, iii) intellectual property management, iv) clinical and regulatory sciences, and v) health and science data analysis. The program is designed to complement time spent outside of lab and to maintain research as the primary trainee focus, while offering programming to broaden trainee's perspectives, experiences and knowledge to facilitate pursuit of non-academic careers. Elements include core professional skills training, site visits to partnering companies, didactic courses relevant to the five career tracks, shadowing experiences and career placement support. Click to learn more about iJOBS.

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Office of Post-doctoral Affairs- web resource for post-docs at Rutgers.

Job Opportunities for Post-docs & Graduate Students

Auditory Neuroscience at Rutgers University, Department of Cell Biology & Neuroscience.

Two post-doctoral fellowships are available in the laboratory of Dr. Robin L. Davis to study the electrophysiological properties of spiral ganglion neurons and their modulation by neurotransmitters and second messengers.  Individuals with patch clamp recording experience are sought, especially those having experience with IR-DIC.  Please send a letter of interest along with your curriculum vitae and the names, phone numbers and email addresses of 3 referees to

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