BHI/CAHBIR/RWJMS: Online Seminar – Jose M. Rubio, MD, PhD

“Towards Improving Psychosis Care Through Clinically Actionable Biomarkers”   Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 914 2044 2409 Password: 062824

BHI-Director of CRPPT- Candidate: Jose Moron-Concepcion, PhD

“Targeting the Mesolimbic Target to Prevent Pain-Induced Anhedonia and Facilitated Opioid Intake” Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 915 3985 4427 Password: 072424

BHI-Director of CRPPT- Candidate: Carl Saab, PhD

“Neural Networks, AI, and Healthcare Referral Systems: A Translational Journey in Pain Research” Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 916 5696 0526 Password: 072924

BHI-Director of CRPPT- Candidate: Jeffrey Mogil, PhD

“Mistakes Were Made: How to Fix Preclinical (Pain) Research” Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 940 3421 4468 Password: 080124  

BHI/CAHBIR/CCNP- Faculty Candidate Seminar- Xiaosi Gu, PhD

“Ecological computation as a bridge between cells, circuits, and therapeutics” Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 917 6558 5021 Password: 080524

RARC Fall Symposium

Mark your calendar for the 2024 Rutgers Addiction Research Center (RARC) at the BHI Fall Symposium, a one-day event showcasing the breadth of addiction research and clinical services across Rutgers. …

EBPS Conference: SUD Therapeutics – Banff, Canada

The conference is hosted in Banff, Canada Sept 25-27, 2024. The main theme is novel pharmacotherapies for SUDs and related mental health disorders.Talks will include basic and clinical research exploring …